Adult Health Prevention or Rehabilitation through Exercise Prescription and Movement Therapies.


Comprehensive Programs and Services for Special Needs Children and Adults 


What's NEW ?


Advanced Assessment for neck-shoulder discomfort and back pain.  Use our Exercise prescription service to fix your issues with what is termed; Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS), mostly due to sitting! 

See our healthisfreedom blog at the bottom of the page for more information on UCS.




Specialized care for acute or chronic injuries, neurological impairments or disorders and orthopaedic rehabilitation.  Treatments for prehabilitation (prior to orthopaedic surgery), rehabilitation (post-surgery), adult and paediatric motor dyspraxias and impairments, Motor vehicle accidents, lumbar-sacral strains/discs, and postural strain.



Accepting new clients for a variety of needs and challenges. Particularly upper body tightness, postural strain, rehabilitation from orthopaedic surgery, athletic injury and chronic pain. 


Special Needs Department has Programs for 2018.  

New clients and families being accepted. 


- Occupational Therapy assessments and treatments -- Ongoing entry

- Combination therapies and functional exercise for CP and neuromotor disorders -- Ongoing entry

- Kids Health Initiative (KHI) exercise program -- Ongoing entry

 - Adapted Gym Program introduction for new familes - Enroll for April 2019 OR Summer 2019



In addition to wellness and health services we have the SOAR Program 

Check out the S.O.A.R. Program at 





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