Personal therapy 

Difficulties and challenges arise in life whereby positive help is required.  Sometimes we need a clear objective path to follow. Together with the willingness to improve your life and the lives you support, we offer psychotherapy tools through our one on one services.  Most often we us the CBT model  (cognitive behavioural therapy) which helps you change patterns of thinking and behaviours.  If you are challenged by anxiety or depression or traumatic situations or chronic stress we can help. 

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BBAIM - Brain-based Autism Intervention and Management

Our Collaborative Approach 

Our team of professionals along with our comprehensive assessments, programs and services provide a collaborative approach for families of children and teens with Autism.

We focus on the development of the 'whole' child versus sectors. The development of the brain is not completed in sectors, and must be looked at from a facilitation perspective in order to improve and change.  Facilitation means exciting areas of the Autistic brain which improve learning and capacity.  So commonly the brain is treated to suppress, which allows it to focus on 'rote' skills only.  We endeavour to bring out the individuality and success in each child for a hopeful longterm goal.

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