Introducing our NEW Brain-based SUMMER Program...

For the first time ever we are offering our child development brain-based interventions as a full SUMMER Program.

It comprises the key brain-based Emotional and Physical development tools into one minimum 3hr/day program.

Our BBAIM team of Art therapy, Occupational Therapy and Special needs instructors (SNI) will provide a one on one experience in small group settings. 

It will include:

 Expressive arts

 Music therapy tools

 Sensory diet and fine skills

 Social context

 Motor skills development 



BBAIM - Brain-based Autism Intervention and Management

Our Collaborative Approach 

Our team of professionals along with our comprehensive assessments, programs and services provide a collaborative approach for families of children and teens with Autism.

We focus on the development of the 'whole' child versus sectors. The development of the brain is not completed in sectors, and must be looked at from a facilitation perspective in order to improve and change.  Facilitation means 'excitation' areas of the "Autistic brain" which improve learning and capacity.  So commonly the brain is treated to suppress, which allows it to focus on 'rote' skills only.  This is important for safety and some memory skills. HOWEVER...We endeavour to bring out the individuality, expressiveness and success in each child for a hopeful longterm goal.

*for more information on this approach and its associated services and programs please connect with us on the form below and we will send you information.  Be sure to state you require information about BBAIM. 



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