"BODiWORKS has helped me get my life back after a devastating illness that robbed me of my health and energy. I not only exercised, but was taught how to take better care of myself, learn my limits and how to best deal with my condition. The BODiWORKS approach respects the clients needs and creates a program that I could understand and maintain. I was able to take the information from the medical professionals I saw and the BODiWORKS created a workable program."

L. Carlaw


" Despite all the challenges life has brought me emotionally and physically, BODiWORKS is the best customized program on a one to one basis. I could never have improved my health otherwise. It has been only eight months since I started the program, already my health has improved drastically. I throw my hat to Corey!"

R. Mainville


" The personal attention and the friendly positive atmosphere is what our family enjoys about BODiWORKS. It is the one lifestyle program that we have been able to stay committed and motivated to. We feel the program has met our needs and goals. The program has helped us to become more confident and feel better about ourselves. Both my children enjoy the program and have received many compliments on their body changes and how great they look now. The lifestyle change has built confidence in both my children. My son has benefited greatly by BODiWORKS. He had tried other programs with no success. His doctor recommended BODiWORKS and since then he has had great success. He has changed tremendously in body shape, confidence and lifestyle thanks to the BODiWORKS program. I no longer feel as though I have lost my money on another unsuccessful program. We don't feel like we are looking for a quick fix program.  The time and expertise that has been provided by BODiWORKS to help me and my family change our lifestyle was and is well worth all the time and effort."

Halfyard Family


" My son has shown more focus in unrelated activities - able to stay on task for much longer periods of time.  He is able to transfer what he has learned to other areas like home and school.  He talks about "Corey's Gym" constantly and looks forward to his visits.  Physically he is slimming down and gaining strength.  He is eager to learn how things work and some things are favourite and some are not.  The staff at BODiWORKS have a very good handle on his behaviour and language. They have managed to get him to do favourite activities as well as those that are not. I think it will continue to be a terrific program for my son. Thanks BODiWORKS!

S. Garvin, mother of a son in the Adapted Gym Program


"  My experience at BODiWORKS has been very positive.  I began in Jan 04 with knees that were so painful I was sure I would have to have medical therapy or perhaps even surgery.  Within 4 weeks of becoming more active at BODiWORKS my knees were no longer sore or aching! Eureka!...Heart rate, strength, energy, stress levels all have improved , plus my self-confidence and joy in accomplishment have increased.

K. Khan


" Every session I get invaluable educated information about what exercises are best for me at that moment and why.  When I ask about exercises I see other people doing, I get precise explanations about why that machine or exercise may or may not be a safe or efficient technique.  In six months not only has my body changed, but so has my attitude to my body.  I'm no longer weak.  I'm no longer achy.  And I really miss my workout if I have to miss it.  I always leave a session feeling good about myself and about what I just learned.  I would unequivocally recommend the BODiWORKS Centre."

M. Stronach


" I needed a course of action: I was in severe pain with back problems and tired of taking anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain.  I was overweight and lacked energy and mobility.  For about 18 months Corey Evans of BODiWORKS has been working with me to help find solutions to a multi-faceted problem.  Through discussing the various problems I had, Corey was able to suggest a course of action beyond physical training.  When my energy level deteriorated despite exercising, we found that I was not getting enough oxygen to my body and after sleep apnea diagnosis, I have increased energy to function.  My mind and body are more alert.  I no longer take the harsh drugs for back pain thanks to Corey.  We are now working on losing weight.   It has been encouraging to be with Corey and to have someone who cares and has great ability in his own area of rehabilitation and a very holistic approach to helping each person reach their desired potential."

J. Morris