The Adapted Gym Program (AGP) in the BODiWORKS Institute

* Currently conducting Intakes for new families and completing Initial Consults and Assessments.  AGP (ages 3-18yrs) and Adult Exercise therapy and recreation (ages 19yrs+).  Intake Assessments (ICA) begin now. Contact us for full information.   


The AGP is a 32 week process (year to year, ages 6-18yrs, NEXT - Fall 20' to June 21') that is focused on remediation of motor developmental delays and deficits with consideration for the child's emotional and relationship needs. 


  *Exception is the 10 week Intervals for ages 3-5yrs old AGP and 19+yrs old Exercise therapy & recreation (ETR). NEXT opportunity for Interval is end March 2020 to start! Only clients who have completed their ICA and enrolled can start.  Contact us soon!


This program is specifically geared toward children **(ages 3 to 18yrs).  (Ask about Adult Exercise therapy and recreation (ETR) for 19+ years.) 

The AGP services clients with the following:

  • ASD's (Autism Spectrum Disorders)                                
  • Downs Syndrome
  • Mild Brain Injury and/or intellectual disability
  • Cerebral Palsy (see WBPA use also)
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Mild Seizure Disorder
  • ADD and ADHD                              

We are pioneers in exercise prescription for special needs children, particularly those in the Autism Spectrum.


We first created a test group in 2002 to observe what improvements children could make in their physical and social behaviour.                              


We observed that each child improved physically in their weaknesses, followed directions, learned valuable gym skills, met age milestones that they were not currently at, and improved in social relations with similar children.   


It is incredible to see the children learn to throw a ball, or do a chin up, overcome their fear of heights, jump on the trampoline and learn skills. Some of the children have advanced to working on some treadmill, biking and weight training.                                                             


We model teaching activity with rules and routine, along with physical training skills like balance, flexibility and strength. 


Our true innovation lies in creating patience and improving concentration with the children along with the knowledge of motor deficits through a Brain-based model.


We provide a cooperative and safe atmosphere with one to one instruction. The program is very fun, and at times the children play games together.  

  • Our program is specific to the needs of each individual child. 
  • All instructors certified in Adapted Motor Development (A.M.D.) certificate and course
  • We are a directed intervention program
  • The AGP  addresses: therapeutic recreation, motor skill development, physical expression    
  • The age limits are **3 years to 18 years.

Our primary goals for all children are:          

1. Create an individually prescribed program of exercise and gym skills specifically designed to meet the needs of your child.          

2. Provide children with an opportunity to release or increase energy in a safe, supervised environment.          

3. Create and experience a model that teaches children to develop a life-long pattern for a healthy, active lifestyle.  

  • Consults conducted all year round
  • It is an all year program excluding holidays
  • FULL AGP Enrollment Registration for the program are conducted in September ONLY. *Exceptions are for children ages 3-5yrs or adults 19+ who are quartely enrollments. 

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