Exercise prescription for children and teens.

Life skills and body awareness.


Why the Concern?  Size does matter when it effects your health. Today kids and adults lead more sedentary lives and consume more calories even compared to a generation ago. Because of this we see less energy being used and more being stored as fat. We treat increased girth in children and adolescents vigorously by providing a compassionate, supportive and fair program. Exercise is an important measure in improving children's self-esteem and confidence. Any improvement in physical ability is a step toward a better self. We feel that we are preventing future health problems one family at a time.


Children and teens have a unique opportunity to prevent and reduce the effects of disease later in life by reducing body fat and improving strength.  At present children or teens who have symptoms or diagnosed medical conditions such as type II diabetes, hormone imbalances or syndromes, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or joint weakness are excellent candidates for our program.



This intiative is unique because...

  • We consult, assess and prescribe exercise based on individual concerns and priorities.
  • Our advice is specific for our clients and given one on one with complete confidentiality and privacy.
  • The goals are individual and not based on sport.  Very comfortable environment and positive support.




We provide a program that sets achievable goals that leads to results. Parents are encouraged to participate in the process at home.  We also require the support of your family physician or paediatrician upon entering the program.



Who is Eligible?


Children ages 6 to 12 years and adolescents ages 13 to 19 years.  Children and teens who have existing health concerns or diseases require a medical support from either a physician or dietician.  Those who do not have existing health concerns may enter the program also.





Children and teens respond differently to activity than adults.  We prescribe exercise that is mindful of the unique concerns and needs of our youth clients to:


Reduce and prevent future disease

Improve self-esteem

Increase energy

Reduce body fat

Improve body awareness

Improve school performance                  

Learn gym skills

Acquire valuable life skills



Getting Started     


 Enrolling for SPRING 2018 now.


Contact us at the BODiWORKS Institute to book an initial consult and assessment. 

 *Special costing and payment arrangements are available. Referral from the physician or paediatrician is accepted. 

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