Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy (WBPA)

We use a combination of passive modalities and movement therapy.  We utilize many types of active techniques to encourage safe and effective improvements for those seeking reduced pain, increased strength and better day to day feeling. 

Depending on the needs, passive and active therapies techniques are modified for the individual and specifically applied.

See below for details on our WBPA and its uses as a passive modality.

Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy  (WBPA) -   Exer-Rest

What is it?

WBPA is a result of research and proven treatments with acceleration therapy on the human body.  It is a non-invasive, safe, drug-free therapy that stimulates aspects of exercise in healthy patients and those with various disorders, injuries and diseases.

The WBPA is accomplished using the Exer-Rest which moves horizontally as the patient lies on it.  At a prescribed speed and range the body moves repetitively giving the sensation of movement and circulation.

Treatments at the BODiWORKS Institute

Currently we are the only clinic oriented centre using this treatment in Ontario.  We also function as the demonstration Centre for the Exer-rest.

Introductory treatments can be arranged with varying lengths of time and frequency depending on the need.

- Conditions such as neuro-vascular pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, stress and cardiovascular injury are successfully improved and safe using the Exer-rest. Reduction of pain, increased mobility and improved daily activities are the main claims.  

- Special work has been done with children and adults with CP, stroke and neurological based disorders that create imbalances and spasms.  We find vast improvements in a 1/2 hour treatment and follow up specialized stretching and balance work, compared to the latter by itself!  A special segment in our Adapted Gym Program for children and teens uses the WBPA successfully with those who neurogenic/neurological disorders such as CP. Sessions are 1 hours in total.


Contact us for a detailed feature sheet and information.

Also view the NIMS website at www.nims-inc.com for Exer-rest information.

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