Paediatric Occupational Therapy

     Contact us for an over the phone or inperson Pre-Assessment consult  (value $75)
    Occupational Therapy is designed to help assess and treat children and adults to attain as close to 'average' daily living skills or activities.  When a child shows delays in mastering typical activities, or displays unusual or disruptive behaviours the OT is often the first professional to work with your child.
    At the BODiWORKS Institute we take a 'holistic approach' to a child's wellbeing by also considering the physical, emotional, psychosocial and environmental factors that affect functioning.  The initial assessment and consultation procedures are used to complete the whole picture of your child and aid in the prescription going forward.  At the Institute we can provide both the advanced testing process and the treatment. 
    Additionally, we are in the unique position to offer both the recreational-therapeutic (AGP) approach and social programming for many special needs with our vast experience with most special needs.
    The types of things occupational therapy will help with are; attention span, sensory processing, motor skills development (fine and gross), processing skills, personal care and self-help skills (brushing teeth, dressing, toilet training, visual perceptual skills, handwriting) assistive technology use and arousal processing.
    Contact our office for details on the types of assessments, treatments and scheduling.

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