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A.  Everyone sits too much! Help yourself break up the day.


If you have or feel any of the following:

  • sore low back or hips chronically or occasionally
  • tight back of the legs and or behind the knees
  • osteoarthritis
  • tight upper back or neck
  • limited range in your stride
  • muscle spasms
  • adnormal curved spine
  • muscles strains

Then you are an excellent candidate for improvement within this program. also...ASK about our Specialized Knee and Hip Programs. We provide Prehabilitation (before surgery strengthening) as well as Advanced Rehabilitation after Surgery.






Most joint and muscle STIFFNESS is caused by prolonged inflammation, tightness and reduced movement at any age. This leads to joint damage, premature aging,osteoporosis and reduced lifespan. The experts at the BODiWORKS Institute have been renewing people of all ages and abilities since 1995. Our Program is to offer as many participants as possible, the opportunity to access the best noninvasive techniques for success in reducing body stiffness, improving flexibility and energy.



  •  We conduct an initial health consult and physical assessment. A one-time initial Assessment fee applicable.
  • Every client receives individual guidance, hands on help and movement prescription
  • We use the Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy (*WBPA), plus the Body Unloading technique plus Assisted Stretching where able.

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 B. Cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, metabolic syndrome or body weight related challenges.


For many adults no matter what the age, health relates to feeling good which relates to image, which reduces stress. There are many ways to reduce and even prevent common ailments and diseases.
Some examples of measured indicators that can be improved through exercise prescription are blood pressure, cholesterol, cortisol, body fat %, hydration, pain, metabolic rate and blood glucose levels.
Successful and drug-free management of these always comes back to natural exercise and nutrition. Understandably some clients need medications.
We have a good working knowledge of drug effects and criteria with exercise. With these as a staple of lifestyle, excellent health becomes manageable.
It is difficult to know both what to do and what is right for you specifically. We provide:

  • A professional initial consultation and BODiWORKS assessment which helps identify what you need and how we can help.
  • Massage Therapy assessment and treatment for reducing pain, discomfort and increase healing 
  • Useful tools to assess your health and provide professional advice 
  • An initial discussion on what BODiWORKS Centre plan specifically works best. Clients suited to preventive health may have goals of improving aesthetics or reducing blood pressure or reducing body fat or improving everyday strength.
In this program self-esteem can improve tremendously when feeling better about your body.
RENEW means to provide improvement and arrive at a positive change. Specific to adults (40 or over) we work either at the home or at our office. Quality of life (QOL) is important and necessary.
The program focuses on:
• Daily Activity Strengthening – for spine, shoulders, hips and knees
 Falls Prevention and Balance – spatial awareness exercises, reflexes
 Circulatory Exercises – both active movement and passive exercises
 Breath Work – involves teaching of full diaphragm breath and rest
An improvement in energy, mobility and vitality is seen in all clients in this program within a short time of beginning.
Pain can be decreased in a given time where necessary for joint improvements.
Mobility maintenance and improvement is helpful for those with canes, walkers and wheelchairs.
Elderly and fragility issues can be improved. 
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