The BODiWORKS Institute coordinates Allergy, GUT Health and Food Sensitivity Testing for both Adults and paediatric clients.


We will be offering the opportunity to be tested by the most accurate and up to date testing system from ALCAT - Cell Science Systems.


All coordination of Testing, and subsequent follow up testing review will be done through the BODiWORKS Institute.


The prevalence of sensitivities and intolerances to foods, food additives, preservatives, allergens, dyes, herbs, and chemicals is vast.  Most suffer in silence. The underlying symptoms can be cause major physical and mental health disturbances and disorders. Gut health contributes to digestive reactions that cause respiratory distresses, IBS, skin irruptions, low energy, low libido, poor concentration, memory issues, pain, joint inflammation, muscle atrophy and body weight issues. 


Contact the Insititute for testing panels options, details and fees.


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